Locksmith for property Management Companies


Why Should Property Management Companies Hire a Locksmith?

Do you need a long-term and valuable locksmith company for your property management company? On-Point Locksmith can help secure premises, protect against vandalism, and ensure tenants’ safety.
We are licensed, trained, and insured in all locksmith fields, including security audits. 

Locksmith for property Management Companies

On-Point is the Go-To Locksmith for Management Companies

On-Point will become one of your most powerful tools when it comes to property management. Our locksmiths are familiar with all the building locks and can provide property management services that include:

residential and commercial Lockout Services

residential and commercial Lockout Services

A tenant or someone within the management company locking them out can happen at any time. However, an emergency locksmith on hand allows entry into the space, avoiding damage to an existing door or lock. Furthermore, with a spare key made, it avoids any future lockout occurrences.
We here at On-Point Locksmith Vancouver can provide you with this and more.

Lockboxes, Mailbox locks and more

Lockboxes, Mailbox locks and more

From apartment complexes to condominiums, some lockboxes work as mailboxes for residents. With a professional locksmith like On-Point, we can install those lockboxes for any properties under the management company’s care.

Securing Evicted and Foreclosed Units

Other unfortunate aspects that need handling by managing companies are evictions and foreclosures. In these cases, you need a licensed locksmith to secure the property to prevent unauthorized access.
But, again, On-Point can help make the process easier with rekeying locks, which is a cost-effective service compared to replacing locks.

Furthermore, we provide lock changes as well, where needed.
For example, do you need a master key for multiple apartments or routine maintenance to give you peace of mind? We provide all these services to ensure tenants feel safe and secure on the property. 

We will ensure all locks are operational and secure and provide upgrades as needed.

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