Do I Have to Go to a Car Dealership For a New Key Fob?

Key fobs are very expensive, and replacing them is a hassle. But is it? OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver can help replace key fobs for most vehicle models.
We also offer key cutting to programming 50% less than what you would pay at the car dealership. So, skip going to your dealership and let our professional locksmiths help with a new key fob. 

Do I Have to Go to a Car Dealership For a New Key Fob?

More About The Key Fob

We do not need to elaborate much on what a key fob is as you want to know if you should visit a car dealership to replace it.
But for those not knowing what it is.
The key fob is a remote with a keychain that opens the car doors or your truck and can start the vehicle.
Still, a car can have different key fobs in different shapes and sizes capable of doing other functions. Here are some examples:

- Remote Fob

It is a standard option with several buttons and performs different functions.
For example, it can remotely unlock your car door and start the vehicle.
It is attached to a key chain, and the actual key will start your vehicle.

- A Combo Key

The key fob has several buttons to unlock your car, open the trunk and remotely start the vehicle. It is a one-piece key with an ignition key.

- The Flip Key

It is a key and fob in one, but the key will flip out from the side when you press the release button. You can flip the key back when not needed.
On the remote portion, you find several buttons to unlock the trunk and doors remotely. 

- The Fobik

Fobik stands for Frequency Operated Button Ignition Key or Finger Operated Button Integrated Key.
The remote buttons can lock/unlock doors and trunk and start the vehicle remotely. You insert the remote into the ignition to start your car. 

- The Smart or Proximity Key

When your vehicle has a push-button start, you will have a proximity remote allowing you to start your car from a specific distance with the remote.
In the remote, you find an emergency key you can slide out if you need to open doors when the remote battery is dead.
Unfortunately, these batteries die fast, always searching for a signal.
On Point automotive locksmith offers a single and lifetime key fob battery replacement.

Must You Visit a Car Dealership To Program Your Key Fob?

While you might feel tempted to invest your money in DIY key fob replacements on the internet, we advise avoiding the temptation.
You will save yourself loads of headaches.
Surprisingly even some car dealerships contact us to help program a new key fob. 

You may find some vehicles equipped with high-security features that a locksmith can only bypass.
Still, you can avoid paying a fortune at a car dealership as we can help.
Pay 50% less when dealing with us.
With our state-of-the-art technology, we can cut and program the new keys to get you back on the road safely. 

What Key Fob Does Your Vehicle Need?

A keyfob is as unique as your fingerprint, and buying the right one as they look similar is confusing. Instead of guessing, it helps to use a fitment finder to see what works best with your car. 

The crucial thing is to match the number (FCC) and the type of buttons on the remote you have with the new one.
For example, if the remote has a lock, panic, and unlock, you need to order one with the same buttons.
Contact us to help you with a new identical key fob for your car. 

Even if your current key fob still works but looks frail, we can present you with a new shell for most key fob brands.

On Point Locksmith Vancouver Key Fob Replacement

Whether you need a replacement or spare key fob or even replace a damaged one with a keychain, we can help.
We provide one-stop-replacement and repair key fob services.
You will have a new key fob fast, and we can visit you at your place.
We can help replace car door locks, ignitions cylinder, and parts for your key fob.
We also provide key cutting and programming of key fobs.
Contact us now for a speedy key fob service. 

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