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Door Closers


Door Closers - Installation, Adjustment & Repair

A door closer is a device that will automatically close a door after it has been opened.  It is adjustable and spring loaded, usually filled with hydraulic fluid. 
They are installed for various reasons including maintaining a fire rating, preventing damage, and adding a level of security and safety to either a home or business.

Door Closers - Installation, Adjustment & Repair

benefits a Hydraulic Door Closer

  • The device’s features offer controlled closing
  • Door closers also prevent doors from being opened too fast
  • Door closers ensure that the door will close automatically behind a person entering or exiting

Most of these door closers also come equipped with a backcheck which will prevent the door from opening too quickly by adjusting the speed of the door’s opening swing.  This is to control the operation of a door in case of high winds or a someone in the middle of a temper tantrum. 
A door that overswings can damage the door itself, the frame, adjacent walls, or someone who is standing in the doorway.

types of door closers

Door closers come in a variety of models depending on the type of door it will serve including manual doors, automatic, and electromagnetic wing. 
They also come in different sizes depending on the weight and use of the door. 
Some closer devices very obvious and others are more concealed.

These closers should be professionally installed to be sure they operate smoothly. 
Over the years it can experience some issues. 
With exposure to weather it can begin to sag or splinter. 
With freeze and thaw and refreeze, it can start to buckle.  Other problems might be failure to fully close, hydraulic leak, or loss of spring tension. 
Some smaller items would be the door slamming or the swing cycle moving faster than usual. 
When that happens, it is a good idea to schedule a maintenance visit to bring your door back into good working order.

signs you need to replace a door closer

If there is hydraulic fluid (oil) on the closer or door or floor, this is an indication that the closer has reached the end of the line.

To order an automatic door closer, have it installed, or for maintenance issues, feel free to contact us at Vancouver Locksmith.  We will have a specialist get back to you to schedule an appointment.

Door closer leaking fluid
Door closer leaking fluid