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What is an Electric Strike?

Doors are one of our primary security measures.
There are many different types and many different features that you can incorporate. 
One of those is an electric door strike, also called an electric door lock.  

A door strike is part of the locking assembly and is a metal plate on or in the door frame.
This plate holds the latch or bolt in place to hold the door securely closed.  These hold the doors closed from one side only, usually the exterior. 


Benefits of Electric strikes

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Someone wanting to enter the room or building must activate the strike, but it is unlocked for anyone wanting to exit, generally using a panic bar or other device.  In case of an emergency, the room or building can be vacated even if the electricity is off.

Using a hinged piece of metal, the lock must have an electric signal to move the metal piece allowing the door to open (unlock). 
There is a small motor inside this piece that activates the trigger to let the movement lock.  The motor can be operated by a card reader, keypad, fob, or wireless sensor.  

This apparatus has a number of benefits. 
It provides security for anyone who wants to enter but does not have the authority. 
It is less expensive than a magnetic lock. 
Importantly, it will provide protection in the event of an electrical outage to allow the people inside to exit but will prevent vandals or looters.

If this is something that would benefit your company or business, contact us at On Point Locksmith Vancouver. 
We have professionals who will be happy to explain the factors that will be involved like the types of latching hardware, overrides, controls, and other features. In most cases, we are able to work with the existing hardware and model of your current door.

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