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Car Ignition Repair Service


Is your car key getting hard to turn in your ignition?

When it comes to car ignition repair service, then On Point Locksmith is the call to make. We are readily available to get to you asap to fix the issue and get you back on your way.
You will find that calling a locksmith is the easier solution when compared to calling your car dealer…and you will find it is often more affordable than the car dealer. 

Car Ignition Repair Service

Ignition Switch Cylinder Replacement

The ignition switch cylinder can become damaged in numerous ways.
However, most people find that their key is in the ignition, but it won’t turn.
Thus, you are stuck! If you call us, we can figure out just where in the ignition switch is the key getting stuck.
Other issues that can cause you to put the key in and not get a response is:

– Dead battery

– Damaged lock cylinder

– Aged or damaged key

– Dirt or debris trapped in the car ignition

– Car could not be in park

– Ignition failure

The good news is that with any issue, we can diagnose what your next plan of attack should be.


Car models that know to have ignition problems: 

A Jammed Key or the Total Ignition?

While you may think that a jammed key can be removed by simply jiggling this back and forth, you are going to find that this is not always the case.
The ignition cylinder is a highly complex system and jiggling this back and forth, you will find that this can easily break the key.
In order to remove this, you have to have specialized tools and lubrication to remove the key. That is what we can do for you.

The ignition cylinder could totally need to be replaced, which is what we can help with as well.
We can switch this out, and then make sure that your key has not been damaged in the process, to ensure that you are getting on your way in a record amount of time. 

Why Choose Us?

You will find that On Point Locksmith is just a phone call away.
While you can call others when you are facing with a key or ignition lock cylinder issue, they may not get to you immediately.
On Point Locksmith is available 24/7 to get you back on the road.