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U-Haul Truck Key Replacement


Uhaul keys lost? We cut and program Uhaul keys.

Renting a U-Haul truck probably means you are moving. 
This is a stressful adventure and it can often spiral when the key to that truck has been misplaced or lost. 

Each truck has a different type of key. 
In order to get a replacement you will need to verify this information:

  • Make and model of the truck
  • Year of manufacture
  • Key code or key cut
U-Haul Truck Key Replacement

How to get the info of the u-haul truck key?

Generally this information is left in the truck by the U-Haul company. 
If you are unable to locate it, just give the U-Haul folks a call and they will be able to access that information through their records. 
However, key replacement for rental trucks is actually fairly common so the key may have already been replaced by a former lessor.

If you are unable to get a new key, the truck will need to be towed to the nearest U-Haul location for them to make a replacement key. 
This will significantly increase the cost of your move since you will need to pay for the tow as well as whatever U-Haul decides to charge for the replacement key.

Whether you have all this information or not we can make UHaul truck coming out to your location creating a new working key for you saving a lot of time and money. 

Because we are able to service the entire Greater Vancouver Area, Vancouver Locksmith is the best place to start. 
We have experience dealing with U-Haul key replacement. 
When you contact us, one of our trained representatives will be able to talk you through the process to locate the information necessary to identify the type of key. 
With the appropriate information we can offer a quote for the cost of our service. 
We can then dispatch one of our drivers to come to your location and help you out of this predicament. 
We are known for our customer service and for the quick response time to take care of emergencies like yours. 

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