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Astragal, Lever Guard, or Latch Protector


Your locks protect your property but sometimes your locks need protection too.

There are many very good locks on the market today. 
However, if you have concerns about the security of your home or business there are additional measures that you can take to avoid break-ins or intruders.

Latch protecter are metal plates that cover exposed latches and keep them from being tampered with.
In order to gain forced access, a latch may be cut but a latch guard can keep this from happening.

Latch Protector

Types of Latch Protector Plates for Doors

Astragal – This is a device that seals the gap between the door and the door frame. 
This makes it significantly less easy to pry the door from its frame. 
Intruders often try to manipulate the lock with a screwdriver. 
This astragal will give you the extra protection that will prevent entry. Astragal - Protector Plate

Latch protector – Also called a latch guard, also helps reduce the gap between the door and frame.  Some have an anti-spread pin welded to prevent prying between the two pieces of your door. 
They help with attempted kick-ins and other forceful break-ins.
They are often installed in areas with poor visibility that are attractive to thieves. 
While this is a good deterrent, the astragal is preferred.

Commercial door Protector Plate

Lever guard – Knob or lever guards are another option. 
They are designed to prevent someone from wrenching or beating the doorknob until it breaks off and allows entry. 
The lever guard is installed over the existing knob by bolting through the door. 
This makes it extremely difficult even if it is hit with a hammer.
The only part of the lock that you can access is the keyway.

Door Lock Protector Plate

If you feel one of these measures would benefit your home or business with extra protection from intruders, contact us at ON-Point Locksmith.
We will be happy to explain further how these devices work and the options available for your needs.  We also offer installation by one of our specialists. 
If you like, you can make an appointment for one of our representatives to come to your site and assess your needs as well as make recommendations and offer estimates.

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