Residential Locksmith Services

A locksmith who works with residential customers will handle more than emergency calls. 
Many of our services involve routine repairs, replacement, and upgrades.

What to expect from On Point Locksmith services:

  • Home lockout – Quick response and punctual arrival
  • Locks & Security productsGuaranteed parts and workmanship
  • House rekey. We can make all locks working on one key
  • 24/7 Service – Upfront, flat-rate pricing at all hours

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Residential Locksmith Services You Can Depend On

At Locksmith Vancouver we understand there are many reasons for updating or adding residential security.
Home security is important for you and your family as well as the valuables, appliances, computers and keepsakes. 

we help our customers are:

  • Lock changes – When you purchase new home, you may feel safer if you change the locks. 
    This can also be important after a divorce or break up.
  • Repairs – Locks are mechanical and it does happen that they need repairs.
  • Adding locks – After a remodel and you have added some patio doors or even internal doors to bedrooms or baths, you may want to include a key lock where there was none before.
  • Replacements – In the unfortunate event you were the victim of a break in, it is critical that all the locks be replaced as soon as possible. 
    At that time we can also suggest other locking systems that will provide you with additional protection from intruders.

Residential Door Lock Types We Install & Repair

Deadbolt locks

Grade 1,2,3 Deadbolt locks 

High security lock

Residential high security locks

Door knob locks

Grade 1,2,3

Electronic locks | Keyless

Keypad Locks, Electronic Keyless Locks and mechanical 

Jimmy proof locks

Single & double side 

Privacy locks

Toilets and bedrooms

Door plates

Protection door plate

Handle set locks

All types and colours 

Emergency locksmith Services Available

We are also available 24 hours a day for emergency lockout services. 
We are committed to the Vancouver area to provide master locksmith services by our professionals. 
All our employees are licensed, insured and bonded. 
Check with us for any of your residential locksmith needs.

Tips To Keep Your house Secure

  • Evaluate the condition of your doors.  Metal and solid wood are the best choices to prevent kick ins.
  • Quality lock installation.  Knobs and deadbolts with a one inch throw are recommended on each door.  If there is glass near the door, a double sided deadbolt is a good prevention against unlocking like with a single keyed lock.
  • High security locks with keys that cannot be duplicated with out authorization.
  • Re-key all doors when moving into a new home.
  • Strike plates for extra security.  A strike plate is attached the doorjamb with holes for the bolt.  The bolt goes into the hole to keep the door securely closed.  Be sure the strike plate is held with two 3-inch screws that extend to the stud in the door frame.
  • Do not leave spare keys outside the home.
  • Be sure all windows and doors are locked before leaving, even if it is only for a walk around the block.  Pay attention to the garage door as it closes to be sure no one is sneaking in.