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Car Key Duplication


Going to the dealership for a new key is in the past

Getting a car key duplicated may sound easy but it can be quite frustrating.  The safest way is to work with a competent automotive locksmith.  The company also needs to be versatile enough to copy the type of key your car uses.  This can include:

  • Transponder
  • Remote head
  • Remote flip
  • Push start (proximity)
  • FOBIK remote
Car Key Duplication Vancouver

Copy and program all types of car keys

As anti-theft measures become more complex, the individuals must maintain training and experience to successfully navigate the technologies without damaging your vehicle.  It is very likely that you will also need to find someone that provides mobile or emergency service.

Since modern vehicle locking systems come in different formats, it is helpful if you can tell the locksmith which part is malfunctioning, broken, or lost.

  • Mechanical key – This is the metal part that manually opens the door and is inserted into the ignition slot to get the vehicle started.
  • Coded Electronic Transponder Chip – When the key is inserted in the ignition, the computer reads the chip.
  • Remote Control – This locks and unlocks doors and starts the alarm.

Mobile Automotive Locksmith

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What is the procedure for duplicating my car key?

If you don’t know what it takes to duplicate a car key, here is a short tutorial:

  • Mechanical key combination – Each key has unique cuts and grooves.  That includes any key like a house key, padlock key, etc.  With the original key in hand, he or she can decode the combination of cuts and grooves and duplicate the key.
  • Cutting – The key is then cut to the original.  Once the new key is created it will need to be matched to the transponder.  
  • Programming – Using a special device, the locksmith will program the correct password that will allow the car to start.  If you need a remote head or flip key, the remote portion will also need programming.

All of this is predicated on the fact that you have a good vehicle key in hand that needs to be replicated. 
However, it is most likely that you have lost or broken your key and you need a brand new one made from scratch.

At that point you start with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the car, usually readable from the driver’s side windshield or listed on your registration.  You can also find the key code in the owner’s manual, which is probably locked inside the car. 
You will also need to provide the make, model and year in order to identify the exact key code to the manufacturer.  Don’t forget proof of ownership so they know you are not a thief.

Example of vin number

What do the numbers and letters in a VIN mean

At that point the process is the same.
The cuts and grooves are made in a blank key either using manual device but more likely a laser or other tech equipment. 
Then there is the programming the key including the fobs.  
At that point you have a new workable key for your car, truck, RV, or motorcycle.

Feel free to contact our office at (604) 398-2954 if you have questions or concerns.  We can schedule an appointment or can help you in an emergency situation.