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Door & Frame Reinforcement


Install a door reinforcement kit

The whole point of having a lock on something is to keep those who don’t have clearance from gaining access to what is inside.
If your door is weak or is strong but with weak locks, it will not do you much good.

On Point Locksmiths are the lock and key masters when it comes to securing your peace of mind.


Reinforcing Your Doors For The Sake Of Security

Where exactly is the most accessible way to gain entry into your home? That’s right, it’s your doors. Just as your doors are the easiest place for you to gain entry, it’s the easiest place for robbers and intruders to gain entry.

Secure Doors and Frames with metal plates

The first step to ensure your easiest access points (your doors) are secure is to reinforce them. The weakest points in your external doors and door frames are reinforced with solid steel plates as well as channels.
This reinforcement can even remedy damage from a previous incident (robbery, etc).

door frame reinforcement

The door frame plate is fitted directly on the door frame and installed.
The soft frame of the door is reinforced by the door frame strike plate.
As its name implies, this strike plate while simultaneously increasing the physical security. No one can kick in your door with a door frame strike plate installed.

Small door frame strike plate installation
Small door frame strike plate installation
Doo frame strike plate installation
Big door frame strike plate installation

door hinge reinforcement

When you reinforce a door and an intruder tries to get in by kicking the door, the energy can shift from the door into the hinges. If these hinges aren’t strong, they will collapse and the reinforced door is useless and some robbers and intruders know this.

Why Should You Reinforce Your Doors and Its Parts?

“Better safe than sorry” should be enough to justify either upgrading or simply getting more security for your home, garage, or shed. Contact On Point Locksmiths to get started with your safety plan.

What can i do to Reinforce my door

Installations and Service

On Point has an awesome team filled with expert locksmiths and customer care specialists alike. We are here for you at all hours of the day should you have any questions or concerns. Our staff are happy to help you!