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Puck Lock Installation


Keep your commercial vehicle secure with a Sterling Puck Lock today.
With a Puck Lock installation
, you will get a blue anodized aluminum lock that is corrosion-resistant and will last for years.
In addition, On-Point Locksmith Vancouver will install a Puck Lock for you that is a spinner for added security, and it comes with a hasp kit mounting. 

For added security, it comes with a pick-resistant hidden shackle design to prevent breaking into the vehicle or even cutting the lock.
With the lock, you can keep your equipment or deliveries secure when outfitted with a Puck Lock.
Hence, you need not keep replacing tools or claiming stolen goods.

You can keep your vehicle on the road without losing potential income, as you can keep servicing your customers. 

Puck Lock Installation

Invest in a Slick Lock Installation Today!

Slick Locks Vancouver

With a Slick Lock installation done by our qualified locksmiths, it is a small price to pay as it will be the best investment you will make.
The Puck Lock fits most vehicles and needs no drilled holes. 

Neither will you get corrosion or damage to the exterior as it mounts directly to your existing factory lock holes.
The installation is straightforward and provides added security for the vehicle.
Contact On-Point Locksmith Vancouver today for a Puck Lock installation, as it will help you get more done and impress your customers, making your business more efficient. 

Equip your pickup truck with a worthy security system to keep your cargo safe.
If you still feel unsure, contact our friendly staff for a free estimate today.
Our team of professional locksmiths is always willing to answer all your questions before doing an installation. Get started Now!

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