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Safety & Security Window Films


Glass security anti-shatter or shatterproof films

Windows are a vital part of most buildings, homes, offices, etc.
They allow us to feel a part of the outside world and offer additional light and warmth.  However, from a security perspective, windows and glass doors are weak points. 
Glass has little resistance to impact and can be broken easily, making it vulnerable to break-ins. 

These films are installed to retain glass to help prevent injuries as well as to provide a security barrier to break-and-enter thieves.

Safety & Security Window Films

What is Safety and Security Window Film?!

There is a product that can help enhance the safety of your home or commercial building.
Security window films are a product that can become an additional barrier. 
This is a laminate that is applied to either the interior or exterior of a window. 
In the event of breakage, it helps hold the glass together rather than shattering to pieces. 
This is very similar to a vehicle’s windshield treatment.

As you can tell, this will act as a deterrent for those who are hoping for a quiet and easy entry. 
A potential intruder will need to chip away at the window to create a hole large enough to enter. 
This will mean noise and additional time.  

As an added benefit, it is a safety feature preventing the glass from collapsing in on itself or causing injury to someone. 

When properly installed, security window films are difficult to notice. 
They will not obstruct any view nor will they reduce the amount of light. 
This is a great alternative when grills and gates are not appropriate. 
When discussing this process with your security advisor, ask about the options like a privacy factor that will obscure the view from the street. 
This is particularly advantageous so that no one can see if there is someone inside alone or identify valuables.

Window film is a very unobtrusive measure to add to the security of your home or businessCheck with our office to see how it can be of benefit to you.

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