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Window Bars and Gates Installation


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Homeowners and business owners alike may feel the need to add another level of a deterrent from intrusions. 
Statistics show that homes or businesses that can be entered easily and quietly are more likely targets. 

Many homeowners and business owners install window security bars to help protect against home invasion and break-in.

They are a simple and effective way to protect against property damage and theft

Install window security bars

Window Bars and Window Gates

One option many are selecting is window bars and window gates.
These are sturdy metal rods in a metal framework that is overlaid onto windows and/or doors.
These are then secured in place with screws and bolts. 
Their strength depends on the material that is used to manufacture the gates. 
Another factor to consider is that they should be made to measure depending on the size and shape of the openings. 
If the dimensions are incorrect, you will not have an accurate fit which can affect the security.

Check with your insurance carrier to see if this additional effort will garner some additional rate reduction. 

Lest you are concerned that these gates will give the appearance of a prison, don’t worry. 
There are many different styles and motifs. 
They can be designed to blend with the architectural style or design of your home or building.

From a safety perspective, when they are correctly made and installed, window bars and gates should be able to open from the interior of the room. 
This allows any occupants to exit safely in case of an emergency. 

 As you can tell, window gates and bars are a popular measure for the prevention of invasions or break-ins. 
They are simple but effective to protect against property damage and provide peace of mind.

 If this is an idea that appeals to you, contact us at OnPoint Locksmith in Vancouver. 
We have extensive experience with these devices and are knowledgeable about building requirements and codes. 
We are happy to provide consultation and suggestions to provide you with the right product, installed correctly, and within your budget constraints.
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