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Volkswagen Ignition Repair Service


Is your Volkswagen ignition not turning? We can help

You’re ready to go to work and get into your Volkswagen Jetta. Unfortunately, everything is hectic, and you need to get to work you’re running late. You place the key in the ignition, and hard to get your vehicle started. Finally, it starts, and you are on your way. 

As a final point of your destination, the car does not want to switch off. Great, finally switched off. It does not want to come out of the ignition cylinder. Oh, my word! On top of everything else, this happens. What next! The scenario can happen to anyone.

The Cause of Key Ignition Problems

With time, the stiffness in the ignition causes problems, and with more force turning, the key breaks from the shell. All of the above are signs that the ignition housing/switch lock/steering mechanisms have internal damage.
Here at Automotive Locksmith Vancouver, we can help you onsite to help rectify the situation you find yourself in the same day. 

In a worst-case scenario, depending on the part available from the dealer, we can assist you the soonest. Further, we can help rebuild the housing or replace it with a new one. No matter which one we do, both come with a warranty to give you peace of mind. 

The Ignition Problem Can Occur To Any Vehicle

Whether you have a VW model or perhaps an Audi, the above concerns can happen. You may find that the key does not turn past the starting position or does not turn at all.
Sometimes the key gets stuck inside the ignition cylinder.
So if you face any of these concerns, we have a solution to help you out of the predicament. There are no diagnostic fees when it comes to using our services. 

We come to you to fix the part on the spot and can refurbish the switchblade key if loosened from the shell.
Do not keep forcing the key as it can break, leaving you stranded. Not only do we service all models of ignition cylinders, but we can also offer the following:

  • Ignition rebuild
  • Door locks & ignition Rekeying
  • Keys & fobs replacement Services 

We provide you with a fixed price without hidden fees and provide you with a customer satisfaction guarantee. 

On Point Locksmith Vancouver - Automotive Locksmith in Vancouver

Whether you’re looking for a Volkswagen Ignition Repair Service in Vancouver, key fob programming, or need a steering lock mechanism fixed, we can help.
Further, we can help refurbish a broken shell or repair key fobs.
Lost your key? We provide you with a lost key service for most vehicles.
There is no waiting time for stock. In addition, with our mobile locksmith service, we can provide you with a key repair service throughout Vancouver.