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U-Haul Storage Lockout


U-haul Storage keys lost? We can unlock your storage

You have rented storage space at a U-Haul facility.  You need to access your property but for some reason you are unable to find the key.  It is possible it is lost or simply misplaced.  Nonetheless you will need to access the storage bin.

The first step is to notify the storage office.  Not only is this out of courtesy but for internal security and company regulations, they need to be aware of the situation.  If the key has been stolen, they need to be aware of it to prevent potential loss and liability.  

U-Haul Storage Lockout

Vancouver Locksmith works on personal and public storage facilities

As you speak with the attendant or manager, you need to ask permission to hire a locksmith in order to have access to the contents of your storage unit.
While this may seem a formality, it is still a requirement.
By keeping calm and treating the U-Haul representative with respect, you will find the courtesy is returned and you will probably be granted permission to have a locksmith accompany you to the storage locker.

When you speak with the locksmith’s office, explain the situation and the steps you have taken so far. 
By letting them know you have followed procedures, it will make the job simpler. 
With the permission of the storage facility, you and the locksmith may enter the facility to replace the locks during working hours.  After hours visits will not be permitted.  Check in at the front desk and then you may proceed.

When you work with a Vancouver Locksmith you can be assured that we have handled this situation in the past. 
Our representatives have been trained to work with the client to keep you collected as we work through this distressing operation. 
Since we are experienced at replacing storage locker keys, it is very likely that our technician has worked with your U-Haul storage facility in the past.

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