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Camera Doorbell Installation


Get peace of mind with camera doorbell capabilities today.
With On-Point Locksmith Vancouver, home monitoring is made more accessible.
Get options for completed home control to feel secure from your tablet to your smartphone, no matter where you find yourself.
You can relax knowing that your home is in capable, safe hands.

  • High-Quality Video Feedback

  • Motion Detection Settings

  • Two-Way Audio Controls

  • Infrared Night Vision Technology

  • Real-Time and Recorded Video Footage

Camera Doorbell Installation

Our Team of Locksmiths Can Help Secure Your Home

camera door bell installation

Do you want to know who is at your front door even when you are not home? You can start with a camera doorbell when not home and so much more.
When a traditional doorbell is pushed, the button will set off the chime in your home.
But with a camera doorbell, when pressing the button, the device sends you a video feed to your smartphone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

You can even have a remote system to remotely press the button using an app to talk with the person at your front door using a two-way speaker.
With the feature, your guest will not even know that you are not home.
Other camera doorbells work with motion activation and can record feedback from the person even before they press the doorbell or even just knock. 

On-Point Locksmith Vancouver offers commercial and residential owners a wide selection of camera doorbell options from top brands.

You can even tap into the full capability with a camera doorbell with home surveillance installation with our qualified locksmith team now.
We will help customize your property security according to your lifestyle and needs.
Contact us for your camera doorbell and home video security in Vancouver today. 

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