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Hyundai Ignition Repair Service


Is your Hyundai ignition not turning? We can help

Ever had a situation where the car key is stuck in your Hyundai ignition? Alternatively, you try to turn the key in the ignition cylinder, and it does not turn? Unfortunately, these types of scenarios happen to many people you are not alone.
Here at On Point Locksmith in Vancouver, we can help solve the problem in an hour.
Furthermore, we provide reasonable prices on the spot hassle-free. 

Mobile Hyundai Ignition Repair in Vancouver

We present you with a mobile ignition repair or replacement for all Hyundai and other models.
In the area, we are one of the few locksmiths offering the service and help hundreds of clients that have a vehicle ignition problem.
We provide a cheaper service than the dealer, and you need not have your automobile towed in.
On Point Locksmith automotive locksmith comes to you to get you out of this predicament. 

When Do You Need The Ignition Repaired or Replaced on Your Hyundai?

The majorities of Hyundai ignitions have two components the lock cylinder and switch. First, you insert the key in the lock cylinder and turn it to start the engine.
Then the main electrical system activates through the ignition switch.
Fortunately, the lock cylinder portion can be re-key for car theft.
When they try to steal, they damage the lock cylinder resulting in a stuck key or breaks. In turn, it leads to having the wafers replaced for it to work.

Must You Replace the Hyundai Ignition?

In cases where a key is broken inside the ignition or the door lock, we can provide a key ignition extraction service.
If the key gets stuck inside, the leading cause can be a damaged ignition lock cylinder.
With the help of our expert locksmiths, they can extract the key.
They will remove the lock cylinder to replace the damaged wafers if needed.
The best part is if all goes well we can provide you with a same-day repair service.
Our team will bring a new ignition to replace the old one without any towing needs. 

Contact On Point Locksmith Vancouver

Our team of professional automotive locksmith can fix your Hyundai ignition concerns for you.
We provide an upfront quote without hidden costs! We will even beat the dealer prices and provide you with a guarantee.
In addition, our mobile locksmith service provides you with high-quality work.
So if you need Hyundai ignition repair services in Vancouver, feel free to give us a call. You can even request a free online quote.