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Honda Scooter Key Replacement & Duplication

Have you lost your Honda scooter keys? There is no need to stress as OnPoint Locksmiths replaced you with an emergency scooter key.

I Lost my scooter key! can you help me?

Whether you need a duplicate key or reprogramming your bike to a car remote, we can help.

Our mobile locksmiths will visit your premises to provide you with a duplicate key made on-site.
We provide automobile service even with advanced technology to ensure you are back on the road from programming transponders, smart keys, and more.

We replace and duplicate all Honda scooters models including:

  1. Honda Activa
  2. Honda Dio
  3. Honda Grazia
  4. Honda Aviator
  5. Honda Activa 125
  6. Honda Activa 6G
  7. Honda Navi
  8. Honda Cliq
  9. Honda PCX150
  10. Honda Forza 300
  11. Honda BWZ


So, if you have lost your motorcycle key and have not yet had a replacement, contact our dedicated locksmiths, now available 24/7 at your service.

Can you duplicate a Honda scooter key?

If you do not have a spare key, OnPoint Locksmith can make you a duplicate key when you bring in your spare key.
Still, if you do not have a spare key, we can help you ON-SITE to make a new one.

What happens if I lose my scooter key?

Suppose you do not have a spare key and lost your original electric scooter, electric bike, or electric moped key.
The most affordable option is to replace it with a new key set switch, and we at OnPoint Locksmith can help you ON-SITE to do this.
Give us a call today to help replace your scooter keys.

What happens if you lose your only motorcycle key?

While it is recommended to make a spare key before losing the original one, there are ways to ensure you can get a new one.
Here at OnPoint Locksmith, we can use your Honda scooter’s ignition cylinder code to cut a new key or use the ignition cylinder to provide you with a new key.

What can I do if I misplace my scooter key on the road?

Contact us for roadside assistance.
Our emergency automotive mobile locksmiths are equipped to drive to you and provide you with a key on the spot.
We can help with technologically advanced keys like a switchblade key, key fob, transponder key, and a smart key.

What to do if you can't find your keys?

We recommend retracing your steps to put on your detective hat to try and remember where you placed your scooter key the last time.
Always look in proximity and ask others in the home as well.
If all else fails, OnPoint Locksmith can help cut you new keys for your home, Honda scooter, and car.

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