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Yale Locks


Yale Locks Installations and Repairs Vancouver

Choose On Point Locksmith for your Yale lock installation and repairs.
You could choose to do it yourself, but is that effective? We have licensed professionals that have experience with Yale locks.
We keep our knowledge up to date on the Yale productions and updates.
We can guarantee that your installation will be better than doing it yourself.

Smart Locks & Electronic locks Vancouver

When are we available?

On Point Locksmith are available 24/7. Monday through Sunday and we work on Sundays.

We are available for emergency cases on the same day called.

Every visit will have a licensed and trained professional locksmith with experience with any lock company, including Yale locks.

Yale Locks - Products to protect your home & Business

Yale products provide a wide variety to fit all the lock needs. They have been making durable, strong locks for 177 years.
Each is built with high durability and technology.
Yale has some great Smart Keypads that can connect to your phone through an app.

Yale’s commercial and home locks. We have experience with all Yale products.
We have 24/7 availability for installations and repairs.
Doing these instalments, yourself can be challenging and frustrating, but letting the licensed professional handle these services will take that weight off your shoulders.

On Point Locksmith and Yale Products

  • Assure Family: This is a remote unlock and lock option. Assure Family can use the Yale Access app to access the lock and levers. It provides a keyless entry into your home. It is as easy as a push of a button.
  • Nest x Yale Lock: Google Assistant door locking system. Nest technology is one of the best home technology systems. With these working together it makes this very safe and convenient.
  • Yale Pro SL Key-Free Deadbolt: The Z – Wave plus technology is a smart home, an alarm system that is built into Yale Pro. This provides safe and user-friendly. On Point Locksmith can help install in minutes. We can also help answer any questions that you may have when using the Yale Pro.
  • Grade 2 knobs: These are beautiful and simple designs. On Point can easily install. Let the licensed professionals do the work so that you can enjoy your simply beautiful product.
  • Levers: Yale levers are a simple age-old product. Yale makes durable levers that have been in demand since the mid-19th century. On Point can easily install.
  • Deadbolts: These are functional deadbolts that are made for being used for a long time. On Point can easily install deadbolts, and take the hassle off your hands.
  • Interconnected Yale Levers and Deadbolts: These can be tricky to install on your own. The On Point Locksmiths have been trained and been practicing this for years. Each locksmith will know exactly how to install an Interconnected lock with ease.
  • Handlesets: These are a beautiful accessory to your house, and are the first thing a person sees when walking into your home. It is important that the handleset works correctly and looks beautiful. So, why don’t you leave this one to the professionals at On Point Locksmith?
  • Others: There are all kinds of Yale products you can buy that can be difficult to install. But the important thing to know is that with these high-quality products a professional needs to handle them so they can be used to their full potential.

Give us the opportunity, and we will go above and beyond your expectations to solve your lock problems.



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