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Acura Key Replacement & Duplication


On-Site, Acura Car Key Replacement. We Cut & Program Acura Keys to Any Model.

Each car manufacturer has specific instructions in order to produce a new key. 
For Acura, it requires a key programmer tool.  This device is able to program the chip in the new key to your car or truck, deactivate keys that you no longer have, and program remotes. 
This is not available for all models. 
Much depends on the year and compatibility.  

Acura Key Replacement & Duplication

We Replace Acura Car Keys, Remotes & Fobs to Any Model


Acura Smart Key Fob
Acura Smart Key Fob
Acura Flip Key
Acura Flip Key
Acura Chip Key
Acura Chip Key
Acura Remote Key Fob
Acura Remote Key Fob

Get A Replacement for Your Acura Keyless Entry Remote

At On Point Locksmith – Automotive Locksmith we have the ability to help you replace your lost or damaged key. 
We begin with the make, model, and year. 
If you have a current remote or key with an identification number printed on it, that will make things easier. 
However, even without that data, we are able to locate the proper product including key, fob, or remote.

All of our products are OEM.  We test the key and keyless remote several times to be sure it will function with your vehicle. 
We are happy to program your smart key or keyless remote. 
All of this is available at a cost far lower than you would pay at a dealership.

Skip the towing, dealership lines and high prices. We come to you for a hassle-free experience. Fast car key replacements by your local locksmith.

Mobile Expert Auto Key Duplication & Replacement

When your vehicle key, fob, or keyless entry won’t work we understand your frustration and anxiety. 
It is our job to remain calm and be able to help you out of this problem. 
While we work quickly, it does not affect the quality of our workmanship. 
We have the expertise to handle smart keys, remote keys, transponders, keyless entries, and, of course, traditional metal keys that turn over the engine.

Whether you simply need a back up key, programming, battery replacement, extra fobs or transponders, or emergency service, we are ready to help. 
Our technicians have studied Acura products and are familiar with their own requirements.
Our representatives are skilled in customer service and will talk you through all the requirements to solve your problem and get you that new Acura key as soon as possible. 

Is your Acura key jammed in the ignition or fails to start your car properly? We specialize in Acura and Honda ignition issues, our services are cost-effective and we can complete the job much faster than any competitor or dealer in Vancouver.