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Antique Locks repair and Restoration

When it comes to antique locks, OnPoint Locksmith is the company to rely on. We provide repairing of antique locks for churches, heritage buildings, old safes, door locks, cabinets, furniture, and desks. 

Locksmith for antique locks Vancouver

You can count on our professional locksmith team to lock and fix your antiques.
We can provide you with an antique key cut for your specific lock.
We are the locksmiths to call whether you have the key or only an image.

So, do not stress. Let our skilled locksmiths help you with this labor-intensive job to provide you with what you need at reasonable prices. 

Can you rekey antique locks?

As a locksmith, we can cut you an antique key to fit most old locks you want restored or repaired. OnPoint Locksmith has skilled locksmiths that can make a key and can also make a key from a photo you have. 

What types of locks are antique?

Most antique locks you find will be handmade, and you cannot buy parts for them.
For this reason, a locksmith needs to make the parts, and some common vintage locks include the following:

  • Heritage Buildings 
  • Church Locks
  • Old Door Locks
  • Old Cabinet Locks 
  • Old Furniture Drawers and Desks 
  • Old Safe Locks 

How long does it take to repair or restore an antique lock?

There is no timeframe when repairing or restoring an antique lock, as these locks are handmade. Hence, it is a labor-intensive job as you may need to make new parts by hand as you cannot buy the parts off the shelf readily available.
It can take a day to weeks, but contact us for a quote to repair or restore your vintage lock. 

What does it cost to restore or repair an antique lock?

Calculating the costs to repair or restore antique locks is difficult as it is labor-intensive and takes time.
The parts need to be made by hand and are a skilled job with different factors to consider: 

  • The labor and parts cost outweighs the value of the lock itself. 
  • Many vintage locks are very valuable and worth many thousands of dollars. 
  • While some locks have historical to sentimental value, and one cannot put a price on them. 
  • While some listed historical buildings do not permit the use of new to modern products fitted.

Please contact us for a quote for repairing or restoring your old vintage lock today.

Can a locksmith cut an antique key for a lock?

Most locksmiths can help you to cut an antique key for an old lock when needing repairs or restoration.
OnPoint Locksmith has skilled locksmiths that can make the key by hand. 

What are old antique locks called?

These are called mortise locks, primarily found in older homes or buildings.
Hence, it has a mortise lockset compared to today’s newer models. 

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