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Door Preventative Maintenance

Regular door preventative maintenance for your business offers several important benefits that can save you time, money, and potential headaches in the long run.
Here’s why it’s important:

residential & Commercial Door Maintenance Service

residential & Commercial Door Maintenance Service

Increase the longevity of your commercial to residential doors with OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver today.
When you have a business or home, it is an expensive building to upkeep, especially regarding door repairs. 

The truth is that door repairs are usually done when they arise, but with some door preventative maintenance, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your expenses.
Compared to residential properties, the commercial door takes a lot of abuse. 

The doors are used daily multiple times, which puts strain on the door hardware several times during a day throughout the year.
Here at OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver, we make hundreds of commercial and residential service calls in a year when the hardware on these doors fails.  

To prevent this from happening to your home or business, book your door preventative maintenance with us now. 

Still, Wondering Why You Should Conduct Preventative Maintenance

Before your small door problem becomes a huge and expensive one, call OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver. We can help with routine preventative door maintenance to ensure no issues. 

Some common problems you can face are:

  • Broken hinges 
  • A sagging door
  • The latch is not aligning correctly
  • Broken levers 
  • Closers breaking 
  • Malfunctioning locks

OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver is standing by to provide you with a door preventative maintenance by certified technicians in your area.
They will ensure that all access points and doors remain in working condition. 

Do not risk the security of your business or home with a faulty door.
Instead, save money by scheduling your preventative door maintenance service with us.  

We Offer Additional Locksmith Services as Well

The core of our business is locksmith services.
As locksmiths, we know everything about locks, door hardware, keys, and door cylinders.
So, to find out more about our additional services, contact OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver to discuss your door and lock concerns. 

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