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Kick Plate Installation


Whether you get constant deliveries to your business or propping a door open while carrying groceries, it starts to cause unsightly damage to your door. OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver can help remove these stresses with a kick plate installation. 

Kick Plate Installation

How Can a Door Kick Plate Help?

Door Kick Plate Installation

Kick plates are add-ons placed at the bottom of the door to prevent push-side damage to the door.
You find the plates ranging in size from 10 to 16 inches to protect the doors where heavy traffic occurs.
The kick plates are made with durable brass, steel, or aluminum materials and are also found in plastic designs. Still, the plastic designs are less reliable. 

Furthermore, while the installation or replacement process seems simple, it can also be complicated.
For example, removing an old kick plate can reveal damage previously caused to the door not being covered up.

You may find that the screws are often stripped or weathered. So, what started for you as a weekend job turned into a stressful project. For this reason, why not sit back and let our experts at OnPoint Locksmith handle it for you? 

We have years of experience in installing or replacing kick plates for doors.
So, if you do not want to avoid leaving your door exposed to wear and tear, call us today to get started. 

For all your commercial door hardware, OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver can help.
We can help improve your business and home’s safety and security from the interior to the exterior and even the exit. Choose from wood, hollow, metal office doors and even storefront doors to sliding glass doors. 

We specialize in commercial and residential door security systems and will recommend what works best for your situation.
In addition, we do commercial and residential lock repairs and provide innovative door hardware for your lock solutions.
Contact us today for all your locksmith needs. 

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