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Locksmith Port Kells


We are your trusted locksmith in Port Kells

In the Port Kells area, having the right locksmith on call is essential to having properly working doors in a home or business, as well as ensuring that you always have access to your auto.
On Point Locksmith is the locksmith to call when you face issues or simply need a professional to examine your current locks and doors.

Locksmith Port Kells

Residential Locksmith - Mobile Locksmith at Your service

Residential Locksmith in Port KellsEveryone wants to ensure that their home is safe when they are not there.
No one wants to think that their home is an easy mark for the criminals that may see it.
For that reason we offer several locksmith in Port Kells services that are meant to ensure your privacy and protection:

  • Door installation, maintenance and repair
  • Lockout assistance when your keys are not with you
  • Safe installation & repair
  • Smart lock installation
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Keyless locks installation
  • Rekey doors if you have lost keys or just for extra protection when you fear more than one key is out there
  • Door hinge repairs and maintenance to ensure the doors are strong and will not bow down to criminals

Commercial Locksmith - Let the professionals secure your business

Commercial Locksmith in Port Kells

A commercial location in Port Kells needs to ensure that it has the right security installed to prevent people from gaining access to this, and to ensure that employees feel safe here. When there is ever a need for a locksmith in Port Kells, we have you covered with the following services:

  • General locksmith services such as re-keying, repairing and lock installation
  • Office lockout assistance
  • Installing new locks when needed
  • High-security door installation and repair
  • Ensuring that everything is running as it should to protect your property

Car Keys & Fob replacement - Mobile automotive locksmith

Car Keys & Fob replacement - Mobile automotive locksmith

Whether you have locked yourself out of your vehicle or lost the keys, we can help. We offer tons of auto locksmith services that help people to get back into their car and driving. We can replace the locks if needed, fix broken keys, replace lost keys, ensure that the key fob works properly and get you back on the road. And we offer all our services 24/7, as you never know when you will need a locksmith.