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Locksmith Services for Real Estate Agents

On Point, Locksmith offers top-quality real estate locksmith services across Vancouver. We provide a reliable 24/7 emergency service for estate agents and residents.

Police Background Cleared Technicians

Police Background Cleared Technicians

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Bonded and Insured Technicians

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Bonded And Insured

Bonded and Insured Technicians

Realtors & Professional Locksmiths = Winning Combination

As a real estate agent, you have many potential buyers coming in and out of a property during an open house.
For this reason, it is essential to keep the property secure.
You need a professional locksmith service to assure you to keep the property safe day and night. 

As estate agents needing to keep a property secure, you can rely on On Point Locksmith to provide you with the following locksmith services:

Lock Changes and Rekeying

Lock Changes and Rekeying

When showing a new home and selling a place, estate agents must ensure that new owners have the required keys.
We provide rekeying to ensure the new owners have a new set of keys to ensure the safety of their new investment.
We also provide lock changes where needed to give your customers peace of mind.
We are a phone call away to ensure your customers feel safe in their new home. 

Locksmith TipsTIP:
Keep spare keys for properties you’re responsible for, whether it’s for a lockbox or the property itself. Ensure these spare keys are stored securely and labeled clearly.

Lockout Services

Lockout Services

Are you locked out of a property or unable to access it? If you are in a jam, you need not worry; we are a call away to come to your aid.
We will be there in minutes, and our friendly team of locksmiths will help any time of the day.  

Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services

Whether you have a lockbox or not, On Point Locksmith can provide a safe and secure way to store keys to a home available for selling on the market.
If you run into any trouble with a lockbox, our team of locksmiths is only a call away to help.

Locksmith TipsTIP:
If you use lockboxes, ensure they are secure and tamper-resistant. Change lockbox codes regularly and inform clients when access details change.

Evictions Locksmith service

Evictions and Foreclosures

One of the least favorite jobs of an estate agent is evictions
When you receive an election order, we assist you in making the process smooth and safe. We know you want to secure the property fast after serving eviction papers.
Our team of locksmiths is here to help change the locks. 

The same applies to foreclosures, as we play an essential part in opening a lock and providing new keys as fast as possible.
We can help with reprogramming a new key combination for lock boxes.  

Master Key Systems

We Provide Master Key Systems

If you are a realtor for individual units in a condo or apartment building and not using a master key system, On Point Locksmith can help.
Our experienced team of technicians can make installing one more convenient for you.  

On Point Locksmith, a Reliable Lock Provider For Real Estate Agents

Locksmith for Condo Vancouver

Are you looking for the best key duplication or lock repair near you? On Point Locksmith is the business to call. We can help you get unauthorized access to a property and the company to call. We have got you covered. 

Locksmith TipsTIP:
When a tenant moves out, it’s essential to rekey or change the locks to maintain security. Work with your locksmith to establish a protocol for this process to ensure it’s done promptly.

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