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Have you ever misplaced your keys? Maybe you have lost your keys? Ever found that the lock on your door is not working as it should? Maybe you are worried about your commercial property being protected? Whatever the locking issue that you have, Maple Ridge, BC Locksmith Service is here to be of assistance. We offer:

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lock installation

There are times in which none of us can predict.
You may find that after a late night at work, you go to your car only to realize that your cars are locked into your car.
Or maybe you get home and realize that your house key is no longer unlocking the door. Whatever the issue, you know that we are here to help.
We offer 24 hour professional service that you can rely on.
When you call, one of our professionals will be there to help you.

Fast 24H Emergency Locksmith Service

What constitutes an emergency? When it comes to the locksmith world, most people think about situations in which they have lost their keys or misplaced these.
That is not always the case.
Even if you have an inkling that a lock is not working properly, whether on your home or business, then this can constitute an emergency.
Simply give us a call to ensure that our pros are on their way to you to deal with whatever issue that you may have. 

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Aside from offering emergency services for all those times that may not be normal business hours, we also offer:

Door repair 

Electronic Door Locks

High Security Locks

Mailbox Lock Installation

– Remote and key FOB replacement

In any situation in which you need a quality locksmith then we are here.
When it comes to a Maple Ridge, BC Locksmith service, we value our customer service and responsiveness rate. We always aim to get to our customers asap so that they are not having to deal with these lock issues on their own.
Our pros know what it is like to feel as though you are stuck or even to worry about the security of your home, thus they will get it taken care of in a speedy time frame. 



7am – 7pm | 75$

7pm – 7am | 250$


We offer locksmith services in all neighbourhoods of Vancouver. Our locksmiths can install and repair door locks, car ignition, Motorcycle keys and more for houses, apartments or office.

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