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Mitsubishi Key Replacement


On-Site, Mitsubishi Car Key Replacement. We Cut & Program Mitsubishi Keys to Any Model.

Losing a car key or having one malfunction is extremely frustrating. 
The good news is that it is not necessary to have your car towed to a dealership and spend tons of money just to get going again. 
Instead, you can call On Point Locksmiths. 
We have mobile units that will come to your location and create the key as quickly as possible.

Mitsubishi Key Replacement

All type of Mitsubishi keys

Outlander, Galant, Lancer, Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder, Mirage, Mirage G4, Raider, and more

Mitsubishi Smart Keys
Mitsubishi Smart Key
Mitsubishi remote key
Mitsubishi remote key
Mitsubishi Remote key fob
Mitsubishi Chip Key
Mitsubishi Chip Key

Automotive Locksmith Service

On Point automotive locksmith is fully licensed and qualified to handle Mitsubishi key replacement, keyless remote fobs, remote head key combos, transponders, and related issues. 
If it is a traditional key, it can be replicated or repaired easily. 
For transponders or fobs, programming is necessary.
We are skilled in these and other replacement or repair techniques and are happy to help you in an emergency or to provide backups for safety sake.

Obviously, the ignition system is closely tied to a vehicle. 
If one is damaged, it is likely that the other will suffer as well. 
Often an owner will have both the ignition and key replaced at the same time. 
Be assured that On Point Locksmiths are able to handle this task as well.

Key fobs are also frequently paired with key replacements and we are able to accommodate these requests too. 
In fact, some Mitsubishi owners will retrofit fobs to current vehicles. 

For a full automotive locksmith services menu, contact us through this site or give us a call. 
We will be happy to detail our range of products and services and discuss how we can resolve your issues or needs.

Skip the towing, dealership lines and high prices. We come to you for a hassle-free experience. Fast car key replacements by your local locksmith.