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Sentry Safe Opening Service

OnPoint Locksmiths is available for all your sentry safe needs, whether it is an installation or needing an opening service.
Our locksmiths are always on standby to provide you with emergency locksmith needs.
Whether you are a business or homeowner, we will be there fast to help you enter your safe.

Locksmith for Sentry Safe

sentry safe how to open

How long it takes will depend on your safe, but our locksmiths are qualified to get into your sentry safe in minutes without damaging it.
We can even help you open your safe without needing a code.
Contact us today for all your sentry-safe and other brand-safe needs.
No job is too big or too small for our professional team to handle.

How much do you charge to open the sentry safe?

To open a sentry safe, we charge for the equipment used and the time spent opening it. OnPoint Locksmith Vancouvers’ rates are competitive, and we will try our best to make it as affordable for you as possible. We will always work according to your convenience and budget. 

Can you open it in less than 5 seconds?

Sometimes our locksmiths can open a safe in less than five seconds, but it all depends on why it cannot be unlocked.
If it is a flaw with the lock mechanism, it can take longer.
Or if you lost a key or forgot the code, it might not take long.
Either way, we will get your safe open. 

How long does it take to open the sentry safe with a magnet?

It all depends on your safe model, as you can open the sentry safe using a magnet within minutes when you know what you are doing. Hence, it all comes down to your skill and experience, and for our locksmiths, it only takes minutes instead of hours to open the safe. 

If you open the sentry safe without a code, does the safe get damaged?

Your sentry safe will not get damaged when we open it without using a code.
You can feel assured that our locksmiths use methods and equipment that will not cause damage to the safe. 

Is it possible to open the sentry safe without a combo?

While you may think opening a safe without a combo is impossible, without the code or the key, it is still possible to open the safe.
We use high-calibration tools designed for the purpose, and you need not worry that your combination will get lost.
Our teams are equipped for any emergency; not having a combo is one. So call us today to open your sentry safe.

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