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Unlock Hotel Safe

OnPoint Locksmiths is on call for all your installation and unlock hotel safe needs.
Whether you need a new hotel safe installation for each guestroom or need master key codes, we can help.
We provide an emergency locksmith service for all hotels in the Vancouver. 

hotel safe not opening, We can help

Unlock Hotel Safe

If you need a safe hotel master code changed or cannot open a safe, our qualified locksmiths can help.
Do not hesitate to give us a call.
We are your one-stop locksmith shop to all your hotel safe and security needs.

OnPoint Locksmith is at your service to answer all unlock hotel-safe questions.

What is the override code for hotel safes?

Most hotel safes come with a 0000 or 9999 override code.
When locksmiths install hotel room safes, the hotels are responsible for changing the override code that came with the safe.
However, if you need help opening a hotel safe and the override codes must be fixed, contact OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver today to help.  

Is there a master code for hotel safes?

Hotel management needs to implement the master code when they have the hotel safe installed. When this does not happen, you can find a standard master code that came with the safe and should be changed.
Hence, if not changed, that master code is more of a threat than added security. 

Do all hotels have master keys for their safes?

There is always a particular way, like a backdoor, for the staff to open a hotel safe if the guests forget their code or lose a key.
Some safes may have a master key or a card, while others need a unique override code to open it up.
If you need help opening your hotel safe, call OnPoint Vancouver. 

How do I change my hotel safe master code?

Depending on the safe you have, you can do the following:

  • Under the opening position, put in the original manage code, then press lock.
  • When the displayers show NEW, you can input your new master code.
  • Then press the lock, and after it shows you AGAIN, you input the new code one more time and press lock again. 

If the code changes successfully, it will display DONE.

How many types of master keys are there in a hotel?

You can find four different types of keys in a hotel: the grandmaster key opens all the hotel rooms and can often open housekeeping storage rooms.
It can also double lock rooms to deny access to it. 

How do most hotel safes work?

The majority of hotel safes use an electronic digital lock that is battery-operated.
As a guest, you must enter a code to lock the safe, and you need to use the same code to open it.
If you forget your combination and depending on the safe mode, you can open it with a master key or code. 

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