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Weiser Locks


Weiser locks Installation & repair service Vancouver

If you are in the market for one of the best locks in Canada, go for Weiser.  Since 1904 this company has been making high quality, secure locks.  These devices can work with either a keypad or a keyhole and are equally as stylish as they are strong.

Weiser locks Vancouver

Weiser Locks responsibility to the environment

In addition, this is a company that understands responsibility to the environment. 
Their manufacturing process includes waste management and water conservation. 
They have reduced energy consumption and promote recycling. 
In fact, their SmartKey cylinder is made with recycled content. 
It is carefully designed so that it can be re-keyed instead of replacing it when ownership changes.

The Weiser Smart Key System

The SmartKey system is a strong deterrent against common and advanced break-in techniques. 
It meets high security and insurance standard. 
It is resistant to picks, drills, and kick ins. The self-re-key option means that landlords won’t need to worry about unreturned or lost keys.

They are keeping up with the technology of today’s smart homes. 
They offer standalone electronic locks or connected electronic locks. 
Either of these can be equipped with keyless entry, dynamic access codes, and alarms.  Their Brilliance anti-tarnish finish introduced in 1995 was created specifically for the Canadian harsh winters that include extreme cold and high humidity.  The coating prevents discoloration and corrosion for the lifetime of the lock.  

Weiser offers a number of different models in a variety of price points. 
On Point Vancouver Locksmith have access to any of these styles and our specialists have the expertise to install them properly and quickly. 
We are also available to help you with other key and lock issues, including locking oneself out of the house. 
Keeping your property safe is a concern that we share with homeowners and commercial clients. 
We are as close as your phone.  Check out our website and see how we can help.

The Weiser Smart Key System
The Weiser Smart Key locks installation and repair in Vancouver