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7 Benefits of Rekeying Locks (Home & Business)

+ 7 fascinating facts you might not know about locks and keys

Rekeying locks in your home has many benefits, especially if you feel the locks are not secure.

Do not believe us, then stay a while longer, as here at OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver, we will prove to you that there are many benefits to rekeying your current locks as a homeowner or business owner.

You will learn that rekeying locks will give you peace of mind, and we can help you achieve just that.
So, keep reading to understand what the seven benefits of rekeying are. 

Benefits of Rekeying Locks (1)



Rekeying Locks For a New Place

We can give you many reasons to change home or business locks.
A fact is that rekeying is one of those options.
For example, when you move into a new building, you want everything to be unique, including the locks. 

You do not want anyone to have an old key, whether previous owners or someone who gave you the keys.
You do not want them to have access to your place.
Whether moving into a new or construction home, you want all the locks rekey or changed. 

A fact is that different contractors have key copies, and you do not want them floating around. As the home is new, you need not replace the lock system, and rekeying is the best solution. You can do the same thing with remodeling your home; you must provide different contractors with keys to access the house. 

Keeping track of all the key copies takes time and effort. And instead of concerning yourself, if you collected them all, you can rekey the locks. The same can be done when tenants in your current home change or you get divorced. 

The important thing is that the locks must be in good working order and is an effective way to make an old key ineffective.  

1# Fascinating facts you might not know about locks

Ancient Origins: Locks and keys have been used for thousands of years. The earliest known lock and key device dates back to around 4,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. These locks were made of wood and operated with wooden pins and keys.


Rekeying Helps With Lost or Stolen Keys

Another common situation is when you lose a key or it gets stolen.
With rekeying, you can quickly fix security breaches from a lost or stolen key.
You can do this quickly, as you need no new hardware installed. 

You need not wait to pick out new locks and hardware or have the locks changed.
At OnPoint Locksmith Vancouver, we can tackle any rekey job in 15 minutes per lock. Furthermore, our fast response time will reduce exposure to a security risk resulting from a lost or stolen key.

2# Fascinating facts you might not know about locks

Roman Innovations: The Romans were skilled locksmiths, and they developed more sophisticated lock designs, including the warded lock, which used obstructions (wards) inside the lock to prevent unauthorized access.


Huge Benefit When a Tenant/Roommate Changes

If your tenant or a roommate suddenly decides to move out, you do not want them to leave with any keys to get access to your place.
Yes, the first step to consider is changing the locks. But when you call in a locksmith, they can do a rekeying instead of changing the locks.
A fact is that it also helps when making employee changes prohibiting access to a building. 

3# Fascinating facts you might not know about locks

Linus Yale Sr.

The Pin Tumbler Lock: The modern pin tumbler lock, the most common type of lock today, was invented by Linus Yale Sr. in 1848. His design used pins of varying lengths to match a specific key’s pattern, making it more secure than previous designs.


Rekeying Old or Worn Out Locks

Rekeying is a cost-effective option for old, worn-out locks instead of changing all the locks.
Replacing all the lock hardware is more expensive and easier than replacing the pins.
When you use a professional locksmith to change all the locks, it is more labor intensive, and you will be paying for the hours spent plus the added hardware.
Hence, rekeying saves you money and will improve the building’s security.

4# Fascinating facts you might not know about locks

Medeco Keys

High-Security Locks: Some locks are designed to be extremely secure.
For example, Medeco locks are known for their advanced features, including rotating pins and sidebars, making them difficult to pick or bump.


Rekeying Gives You Key Control

Too many keys in unknown places become a security risk, especially when you buy a lock from the hardware store.
These locks come with a generic lock and provide less security.
When we rekey those locks, we customize the pin arrangement for a new lock situation.
Hence, you will have more protection as your locks are customized. 

5# Fascinating facts you might not know about locks

Bump Keys

Bump Keys: Bump keys are specially cut keys that, when inserted and tapped, can open many pin tumbler locks with ease.
This technique gained attention in the early 2000s as a potential security vulnerability.


You Can Get a Master Key System

With rekeying, you can get a simple way to start a master key system at your business or home.
Hence, you have one key that will lock open all the doors.
Thus, entry to the house is more convenient as you need not carry many keys and remember which key opens what door. 

6# Fascinating facts you might not know about locks

Locks of Love

Locks of Love: In many cultures, couples place padlocks on bridges or other structures to symbolize their love and commitment.
These “love locks” have become popular in cities around the world, although some cities have discouraged the practice due to safety concerns.


Rekeying is Affordable and Convenient

You can change the pins inside the lock with rekeying if you like your current locks. Hence, the overall process is simpler as you need not search for other locks that fit in with the style of your place. 

When the current locks are in excellent shape and secure, keeping them makes sense. Still, keeping the old hardware is good for the environment as you use fewer materials, creating less waste.
Lastly, rekeying allows you to change the lock security frequently.
Why, as you can rekey locks multiple times. The best part is it is less expensive. 

So, are you convinced now that rekeying is the best option? Then give us a call to have all your locks rekeyed today!

7# Fascinating facts you might not know about locks

keyless locks

Digital Locks: With advancements in technology, traditional locks are being replaced by digital locks that use key cards, PIN codes, or biometrics like fingerprints or facial recognition for access control.


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